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Hiking Routes at Starry Starry Night

Explore our hiking trails as they weave trough our gorgeous eco mountain reserve. We are constantly expanding and growing our network of paths, offering more and more to explore. Whether walked or run, there are some beautiful options to explore. 

We currently have 3 beautiful hikes on the property ranging from easy to moderate. Each trail is well marked with 3 different colours: Yellow trial leading to Gaia's Gift, Blue trail to 3 different natural rock pools and the circular Pink Lollypop trail closer to the big mountain. 


Time to follow the well marked path to Gais's Gift, our main rockpool.  The yellow trail, also called the Waterfall Trail is an easy 1,5km hike leading to natural rock pools where you can swim and sunbath. After approximately 15 minutes from the starting point you will reach the rock pools, Gaia's Gift. The whole trail takes 45 minutes to complete. (easy hike)

Blue Trail = RIVER TRAIL
Hiking routes

The Water Trail (blue dots) is a gorgeous 3.3km long trail which takes in three of our most beautiful natural rock pools (Flatrock Pool, Secret Pool and gaia's Gift. (moderate hike)

Pink Trail = mountain trail
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The Lollypop (pink dots) is easy 3.5km hike along a disused Jeep track which takes you to the back of the reserve with spectacular mountain views. (easy hike) For a different experience, you can do the trails in reverse or combine them eg. Blue + Pink for a moderate hike. 

When is best to hike at Starry Starry Night?

The best time to hike is during Spring (September to November) and Autumn (April to May) when the weather is moderate throughout the day. Our Rock pools are amazing during the summer as well, if you want to cool down in the fresh natural pools. Get an early start in the summer, before the heat of the day catches up.

Hiking Trails in Montagu

Montagu is blessed with a number of strikingly beautiful hiking trails ranging from easy strolls to challenging efforts.

The most famous Bloupunt - hard, is a 15,6km long trail that climbs 1,000m to the summit with its spectacular view of the Klein Karoo valley - taking in three cascading waterfalls along the way. 

Cogmanskloof trail - moderate, is a 12,1km long and can be completed within 4 to 6 hours. The route is relatively easy after the first two kilometers, which is steep. The summit is 690 meters and offers blissful views of Montagu and the surrounding mountains and rivers. 

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