Starry Starry Night is 100% off the grid


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Starry Starry Night is completely off-grid, and is sustainably powered through green energy. Our philosophy is to conserve, protect and grow the reserve we are privileged to call home. A strong environmental focus flows through everything we do, from the garden compost bins and eco detergents to our organic herb and veggie garden, water conservation, renewable energy and a general drive to thread ever more gently on this planet. It is after all the only one we know of that can sustain our species. 

The general ethos of Starry Starry Night is to live in harmony with nature and to strive for balance while looking after our natural resources. We aim to work with Mother Nature, to flow and be in tune with her needs, so that it in turn she can look after our needs - because we are part of one whole. We thank you for helping us uphold these ideals. 


Our reserve is sustainable powered by the sun. Although this has scores of benefits, one small disadvantage is that you cannot use energy-hungry appliances (microwaves, hairdryers, hairstraighteners, aircons) in the cottages, but you absolutely can charge electonic' batteries for laptops, mobile phones etc.

Water supply

Our water is from our mountain spring and is totally drinkable and beautifully sweet. Our pool is a green pool and the pool pumps runs completely off solar energy.  In addition our pool is equal parts there for cooling off and to serve as a reservoir. Instead of harmful chlorine, we use peroxide to treat the water (like in Brazils eco Olympic pools). This means after working in the pool we can use the water on our garden.  

Eco friendly Garden  

Visit our wonderfully aromatic herb garden during your stay to Starry Starry Night. Feel feel to help yourself to some beautiful herbs for your cooking, drinks or simply brighten up your cottage with its scent and sight. We only use eco detergents in our garden to ensure that we grow a happy eco friendly garden for the production of our vegetables, fruits and herbs. 

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