Should you wish to explore further afield than the reserve, you will be rewarded with a rich offering in a small radius and plenty to discover in the surrounding towns of Montagu, Barrydale, Swellendam and Bonnievale. From wine tasting, scenic tractor rides, cheese farms and hot springs to weekend markets, antique shops, rock climbing and hiking there is something for all tastes.

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Hands-down one of South Africa's cutest Karoo towns, the quaint village of Barrydale is only 45mins drive from Starry Starry Night along the pretty Route 62, and makes for a wonderful excursion.
diesel & crème
This quirky American style diner located on the left hand side of the R62 when driving from Cape Town towards Oudtshoorn, is an Instragram-worthy destination of note. Vintage metal signs, Americana and odd-ball finds adorn the walls and eatery. Be sure to try their famous milkshakes that are enormous and easily shared between two.
Ronnie's sex shop
Located about 20min after Barrydale when driving from Cape Town, this roadside pub is testament to the adage "sex sells". It is a normal roadside restaurant but many years ago some friendly vandals painted the word “sex” next to "Ronnie’s Shop", and the name stuck. Nowadays it is frequented primarily by visitors looking to parch their thirst, and snap a photo next to wall emblazoned with the bar's name.
Barrydale hand weavers
This community initiative trains local people in the art of weaving and creates beautiful rugs, throws, tableware and even clothing.
Magpie art collective
Creating treasures from trash is what this artsy initiative is all about. Their beautiful creations use a great range of different media and often includes recycled and repurposed bits
Mez karoo kitchen

Our number one go-to restaurant for lunch and dinner in Barrydale, Mez is all about unpretentious dining, Moroccan-inspired décor and yummy locally sourced food. The menu, like the name implies, has its orgins in Mediterranean, Greek and Spanish cuisine. Be sure to call ahead to reserve a table (+27 82 077 59800).
joubert tradauw wine farm
(30min drive): This family-owned private wine cellar on Route 62 between Starry Starry Night and Barrydale is not only known for their excellent red wines, but the deli also offers all sorts of mouth-watering bites and one of the best picnic platters we know. // +27 (0)71 656 1230
warmwaterberg spa
(60 min drive): Similar to Avalon Springs in Montagu but decidedly more rustic and authentic, this hot spring destination is well worth a visit. Expect an easy laid-back atmosphere and two hot pools and one cold pool, as well as a restaurant and braai facilities.